Global Health Initiative

Global Health Initiative

Global health is a defining issue of our time, and universities have a tremendous responsibility to help reduce the burden of disease in communities around the world and help build an infrastructure for progress and understanding through research, education and service.

The core of Brown's mission is to educate the next generation of leaders to tackle increasingly complex issues of health, economics, population and environment in a global society. The mission includes partnerships with institutions in lower and middle-income countries that are having a direct and positive impact on people in these regions. In order to fully tap the potential of this effort, the Global Health Initiative was established in 2009 to expand Brown's partnerships; to bring together faculty members, students, and international collaborators; and to spur innovation and coordination.

The Global Health Initiative both supports and spearheads many multidisciplinary research projects, aiming to reduce health inequalities among underserved populations locally and worldwide.

Here we highlight research projects that are being carried out by our core GHI team (GHI Research) as well as research projects and initiatives we are affiliated with (Collaborators and Partners).
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The Global Health Initiative is proud to provide opportunities in global health for Brown University's students. We support student research initiatives, put students in contact with appropriate faculty, and help students navigate global health studies at Brown.
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Call of Duty

In a refugee camp in Lviv, Ukraine, a white-and-red trailer with images of the Red Cross and Rod of Asclepius stands by the train tracks. For almost two weeks last summer, that trailer was home for Michael Siclari RES’88, MD, MPH, a Providence VA emergency physician who had volunteered to provide medical support for the camp.
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