Global Health Initiative

Bright Pathway

The Brown Residency International/Global Health Training Pathway (BRIGHT) began as an interest group in global health. Originally founded by 4 Med-Peds residents in 2009, the pathway has now expanded to include Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Med-Peds, Neurology, Pediatrics, Triple Board, and Ob/Gyn residents within the Brown University Graduate Medical Education programs. Through a collaborative, integrated approach, the program enhances resident exposure to the breadth of topics in global health, develops a community of global health scholars at Brown, and fosters mentoring relationships between residents and faculty.

The goals of the BRIGHT pathway include:

  1. Deepen understanding of global healthcare as it pertains to patients both locally and abroad with a particular emphasis on historically resource-poor nations and ethnic groups.
  2. Obtain experience in the practice of medicine in these settings.
  3. Pursue scholarly projects in preparation for long-term involvement in global health following post-graduate training.

The BRIGHT program is a specialty-training track within the Brown residency programs formed by residents and faculty members at Brown who have a passion for global health. Every year we accept applications from residents in the Med-Peds, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Triple board, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, and Neurology programs at Brown. There is a two year long online curriculum that is made available to participating residents and quarterly lectures given by global health faculty. Throughout the year, we gather for in-person lectures, film screenings, and social activities to further build the global health community here at Brown. Residents in the program are required to complete a scholarly activity and presentation prior to graduation. For those residents fulfilling these requirements, residents will be granted a Global Health Certificate at graduation.

Residents who are a part of the BRIGHT pathway are granted access to this online lecture series. BRIGHT scholars will meet periodically throughout the year to discuss these topics in a collaborative interdisciplinary fashion to foster a rich community of discussion about global health topics. Residents are encouraged to share their own previous and current experiences and how they relate to the global health topics covered.

  1. Applications are sent out towards the end of the academic year through the respective residency programs for the next academic year. Applicants in good standing are encouraged to follow the directions on the application and return it by the deadline. Should you have any questions about the application process, please contact the BRIGHT resident or faculty directors who can assist you with any logistical issues you may encounter.
  2. Completed applications must include the application form, current CV and a letter of reference from the resident’s program director indicating good academic standing.
  3. Given that residents only have 2 years to complete the pathway and scholarly project, once selected, residents are strongly encouraged to start envisioning what their project may be and identify potential project mentors prior to the application for the program. They may contact their mentors to discuss their ideas prior to completing the application.

All scholars choose a scholarly project in an area of their interest. These can be research projects, clinical program development activities, or clinical reviews. Collaborative projects between scholars are also allowed and encouraged. The goal of the scholarly project is to provide an opportunity for scholars to deepen their knowledge of a specific area of global health. These projects can provide the seeds for future work that will continue after residency. Scholars select a mentor based on their interest area. The role of the scholar’s mentor is to assist with and review their project development as well as give additional advice where possible to help guide the scholar in the development of their global health interests.

Examples of Scholarly Projects

  1. Continuous electronic fetal monitoring compared with intermittent auscultation in a low-resource setting
  2. Analysis of serologic biomarkers as predictors of mortality in Ebola Virus Disease
  3. Creating a global child health consortium in New England
  4. Study of implementing spirometry on the wards at Moi Referral Hospital, Kenya
  5. Quality improvement initiative to improve refugee care within the Medical Primary Care Unit
  6. Review of screening for latent tuberculosis infection within the HIV care program in Rhode Island
  7. Review of literature related to Burkitt’s Lymphoma with focus on sub-Saharan Africa
  8. Educational program with goal of increasing provider awareness of and skills managing teen violence
  9. Community wellness initiative and creation of a safe walking path in Shiprock, NM on the Navajo reservation
  10. Development of a case-based learning pediatrics curriculum for Haitian medical students

BRIGHT Faculty Directors