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2023 Global Health Research Day

Global Health Research Day was a great success this year, with 36 student posters, a remarkable faculty lecture and several award recipients.

Call of Duty

In a refugee camp in Lviv, Ukraine, a white-and-red trailer with images of the Red Cross and Rod of Asclepius stands by the train tracks. For almost two weeks last summer, that trailer was home for Michael Siclari RES’88, MD, MPH, a Providence VA emergency physician who had volunteered to provide medical support for the camp.

Women and Children First

We know the stats. But what are we doing to improve women’s health?
The deputy dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health and professor of emergency medicine received the honor in recognition of her work as a public health leader, communicator and innovative problem-solver.
Brown School of Public Health epidemiologist Mark Lurie discusses the Center for Mobility Analysis for Pandemic Prevention Strategies, or MAPPS. The goal of MAPPS is to stop a deadly disease outbreak from becoming a pandemic by accurately predicting how the outbreak left unchecked might unfold, allowing policymakers and medical and public-health officials to counter the outbreak long before it reaches crisis stage.