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Daria Szkwarko, DO, MPH awarded grant to continue training program with Ukrainian FOCUS POCUS Ultrasound Team

The Brown/Ukraine Collaboration and the Global Ultrasound Institute have awarded Daria Szkwarko, DO, MPH, Director, Global Health Faculty Development Fellowship in Family Medicine, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, a grant to continue a training program with the Ukrainian FOCUS POCUS Ultrasound Team.

Over the last two years, the Ukrainian team has conducted trainings for the military, refugees and students free of charge. The team consists of 12 doctors: family doctors, traumatologists, an infectious disease specialist, and a pediatrician. To date, FOCUS POCUS Ultrasound Team has changed the attitude of ultrasound diagnostics performed by non-sonographers in Ukraine. They started by training family doctors and rehabilitation specialists, and with the beginning of the war, they started training military medics. This grant funding will allow the leaders to conduct more training and keep up the pace of training military medics. It is anticipated that they can train 100 military medics in six months.